SpiderOak generosity: Making an offer you can’t refuse

I must admit that this is an impressive PR move by SpiderOak, a file syncing service. Here’s the gist of it:
“We provide a FREE 2 GB account to all our users who sign up. Starting TODAY until the end of the week, we would like to offer all our users an additional 4 GBs of storage!”

So, if you have no SpiderOak account and sign up between 03 Jul up to 7 Jul 2012 and additionally follow the easy steps in the announcement post, then you get a whopping 6GB free storage space. If you are an existing user, follow the steps and get an additional 4GB of storage. Take that Dropbox!

Additionally, you may—I assume—get an additional 1GB (and offer me another 1GB in the process, as if my current 7GB weren’t enough) if you created your account using my referral link. This is part of the traditional SpiderOak Refer-A-Friend program.

All in all very generous. For those not sure what SpiderOak represents: This is yet another file syncing service similar to Dropbox, slightly less simple to use but still very usable. And while all your data are easily accessible to Dropbox employees (or potentially to other 3rd parties), SpiderOak takes a hardcore approach on privacy: They cannot decrypt your data and don’t know your password. For a discussion on the differences between the two approaches, check this post by Babbage at The Economist.

Happy file syncing!


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